Our Endeavors


Clarity Value is a platform through which governments and agencies at all levels can operate their core workflows, reducing headaches and making life easier for both their constituents and their employees.

Cue is a virtual overlay that guides call center agents through processes and conversations the right way, every time.

Goodr is a sustainable food rescue and distribution company that believes hunger isn’t an issue of scarcity, but a matter of logistics.

Knightley is an emerging platform designed to support membership clubs that focus on community-led investing and is empowered by proprietary web3 technologies.

Press Sports is the leading social media app where athletes build their sports network and share moments from throughout their career. With over 280k athletes in more than 100 countries, Press Sports is aiming to become the global social network for athletes from all levels and sports.

Procoto is a procurement solution that automates the source-to-contract process so that SMBs source better products and services faster, cheaper, and with fewer resources.

ServeScape is a digital marketplace connecting independent growers with landscape professionals and homeowners through a place-based, cost-efficient, customer-oriented supply chain.